Welcome to Little Lake Lodge!

Where you can hunt year round on 1000 acres for wild boar.There are swamp buggy hunts,stand/still hunts and stalking opportunities.Archery hunting or Gun hunting both are welcome.

Hunt Little Lake Lodge for:

Osceola Turkey
Quail,Dove and Ducks
Exotics upon request
- Osceola Turkey
- Quail,Dove and Ducks
- Wild Boar
- Exotics upon request

Hunts range from 1/2 day to full day or longer. Lodging and meals are available. Half day and full day fishing trips are now available to incorporate into your hunt. Processing of game and taxidermy are available. We specialize in catering to children/family hunts.

Osceola Turkey: Hunt Osceola Turkey on 6,000+ acres of prime Florida turkey habitat.

Our guides will place you in an area where you can proceed on your own or we can help you with setup and calling. Most areas are mixed of Oak Hammocks and open palmettos and swamps, which all make for a memorable hunt.

Archery hunt Osceola turkeys for the ultimate trophy.


Turkey Hunts
3 Day Hunts Only.
Combo Hunts Available.

95% Success.



Wild Hog Hunts: Swamp buggy,stand hunt or stalk for Florida wild boar.Archery hunts for wild boar are a great way to start or finish your hunting season.

Exotic Hunts: Exotic hunts take place on 1,000 acres, either Still or Stalk, a variety of game is available.

Gator Hunts: Gator hunts are availible upon request contact for details.


Varmint Hunts: There are plenty of coyotes to test your hunting skills as well as your marksmanship.

Contact for details

Quail & Dove Hunts: Large Population of wild birds makes makes for a great hunt. Guides and dogs are provided, or you can bring your own dogs. 1/2 day or full.

We will offer Dove throughout all three phases in Florida. Always plenty of birds. Bring the family, clients or just come with friends. Dove hunts have always been the social event of the south. Book early as not to miss out.

*Pheasant hunts are also available.

Please call (954) 448-0015 for more information. You may also email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hunts range from 1/2 day to full day or longer.

Lodging and meals are available.

Accommodations sleep up to 8. We have hot and cold running water. We also provide an enclosed eating and cooking area.

Processing of game and taxidermy are available.


At Little Lake Lodge, we are pro staff for Bass Pro Shop.


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